How to love

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Give them all the power and then let them go Let them flee and watch as they take your soul Give them a part of your heart and never expect it back Give,give,give until you’re nothing but a wreck

How to love

Give them all your life,your nights and days
Forget about the stars or sun rays
Give up everything,let them be a center of your world
Become nothing and do not dare to be bold

Let them love you and then make them free
Care for them and give them all the freedom that they need
Let them run as far away from you as they choose
But do not expect them to feel your blues

Get them attached to you and then just leave
Run, don’t look back and let them bleed
You gave them all the freedom that they wanted
Now let them be the one who’s alone and haunted

Teach them that the taste of freedom is bittersweet
That they get treated by the way they treat
The ones they love and who love them the most
Become their nightmare’s vicious ghost

Teach them what it’s like to be all alone
To come Back only to find empty home
Always use the chance to laugh when they cry
Learn how to cheat, kill, hurt and lie

You can chase your future, career and your dreams
You can do anything alone or so it seems
You can run after anything but love’s not to be chased
Don’t love - don’t let your precious energy go to waste

Don’t ever mean the word that starts with “L”
If you truly love, your life’s gonna be a hell
Even children know the best way is to pretend
People no more live happily together ‘til the end

People have forgotten about love from fairy tales
Now it’s just the hunt and playing games
We forgot what love’s all about
Love. And love even more when in doubt.

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